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Brand24/ IKEA – We welcome a new client

The new client of Brand24 is Ikea Poland. So, the advertising agency did what everybody who ever went to IKEA wanted to do!! Just sit there and pretend your at home 🙂

A good viral video with low budget 🙂


Ford Portugal – Looking for Champions

Ford Portugal decided to do a PR stunt in the middle of Lisbon.

They where looking for the “next champion” how could lift a cup, something like Excalibur.

But there was a device that let only children lift the cup. Latter a group of supporters enter to celebrate with the children!!

Nice way to encourage children’s to be the next champions!! 🙂 – The Truth is dangerous is a Russian online newspaper, that says the truth in a country that journalists are still so many times prosecuted and even sent to jail.

Check out the video of this incredible action of ambient marketing 🙂



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