Smart – Offroad and ParKING

Smart connected with BBDO Germany and decided to remind their costumers what Smart is made for…

It started with a commercial that reminds that Smart is a city car… They made a twist in the commercial and showed how awful is Smart as an off road. In the end there’s the tagline “As good off road as an offroader in the city.”

This video was very famous in advertising world, and won gold, in both Film and Film Craft at Cannes Lions.

To emphasize that Smart is city car and also to show that driving a smart Fortwo is fun, they made a contest in Berlin. This competition consisted in a reply of the “musical chair” game, but instead of a chair they had to find a parKING space. The main point of this interactive parking game, was to find the perfect “park King” team, when the music stops, the teams should find a parking spot, after that they should upload a picture to prove that they’re parked. The parKING team won a leasing contract of a new car.

Awesome way to show your brand strategy. With humor, Smart proved that they are not trying to hide their defects, but instead, to show their competitive advantage.


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