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Lebanese Autism Society – Read autism from a different angle

If you ever meet with an autist children you know that they live in “their World” and normally they are non responsive on an emotional and social level.

To understand them you must go closely, calmly, and from a completely different angle.


This action by Lebanese Autism Society is remembering that if you want “to understand  children with Autism, sometimes you have to read them from a different angle.”


Hope Soap – Y&R and Safety Lab

Y&R and Safety Lab partnered in an effort to help combat the hygiene crisis in Blikkiesdorp, South Africa.

As a result they created the Hope Soap

Check out this touching video… It’s not the end, but is a start…

Billboard Brasil – Fan Check Machine

Billboard Brasil decided to give presents to music lovers, but how to prove that you’re a really music fan??

Just show your playlist!! and if you had more than 20 music of the cover artist, you’d get a free magazine

A nice job from Ogilvy Brasil 🙂

TBWA Istanbul – Adlove Project

TBWA is a well known advertising agency. In Istanbul, to recruit their trainees, they decided to make a different type of interview. The Adlove Project.

The main idea was to select witch one of the applicants love advertisement more, but how can you compare this?? Let’s check the video…

Regina – The World’s First Branded Coffee Stain

Regina, Europe leader in kitchen towels, wanted to promote their brand to key account holders in Germany.

So they used a mug with a new design, that when you let the coffee spill, you can see the Regina logo in the table. To clean the coffee stains they used, off course, Regina kitchen towels.

This action was very successful for the brand, and the people loved so much the idea that they even take home 36 mugs :p

Orange – Go Europe

If you ever went abroad you know that sometimes it can be challenging, Orange also know that, and they decided to used it to show that “trips abroad are full of surprises, but not your phone bill”

This video show’s a talking seashell, that is waiting to “talk” with tourists…


The next video shows that when you go to a restaurant sometimes you get a surprise, and what if someone serve you snails??



Mona Lisa blinking and smiling at tourists?? that would be a first 🙂



And finally, the terrible luggage, that is probably the bigger problem in trips…



Nice job from Publicis and Orange 🙂

Adidas – Golf Weather The Storm Event

Before the start of the 142nd Open Championship at Muirfield in Scotland, well-known for its variety of weather conditions, Adidas created an event called Weather The Storm.

Dustin Johnson and Martin Laird were invited to participate in the Event, to show and test the new line of weather clothes GORE-TEX.

It consisted in a head-to-head competition where the golfers should face the weather conditions chosen by the “Wheel of Weather Challenge”. The weather was simulated by a high-tech machine, that simulated storm conditions like rain, wind and lightnings.

In the end the players were completely dry thanks to the Adidas GORE-TEX clothes. 🙂

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