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The Royal Baby Boy

The son of prince william and kate middleton born yesterday (22-07-2013) .

But the companies couldn’t let the day pass without congratulate the Royal Family (and also enjoy a little all the buzz around them :p)

So check out their updates on Twitter and Facebook…

royal baby

In twitter Pampers, Oreo, Charmin and Starbucks give wings to their imaginations…

Pampers created a video saying that “Every baby is a little prince or princess”…

Oreo prepared the royal bottle service…


Charmin prepared the throne…


Starbucks the Crowns…


And in Facebook,  Johnson’s Baby prepared the bath…

Johnson's baby

The companies are fighting to serve the British Royal Family… With some recognition attached of course 🙂


Heineken – Departure Roulette

Heineken decided to surprise costumers at JFK Airport.

And what if they propose you a change of plans? And you have no idea which is the destination… Would you accept it??

The bravest ones won trips to Cyprus, Portugal and even Thailand!!

Sometimes a change of plans can lead you to a great experience…
Good job Heinekein 🙂

Diana Costa

IdeasLab – Creative Soap


IdeasLab is an Uruguayan company specialized in advertisement and publicity. They wanted to create a holiday greeting message that was able to transmit the values of IdeasLab.

So they asked their workers where they get their best ideas, and most of them answered “in the shower”. It leaded to the creation of a   soap that “clean the mind” and “exfoliate impurities”. After that IdeasLab send it to their customers.

With this they managed to improved the number of meetings with customers, media buzz and also finalists in Cannes design lions. Congrats IdeasLab 🙂

Diana Costa

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