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Heineken – The Negotiation

What would you do to win 2 ticket’s for the UEFA champions league final??
Would you be able to convince your wife to buy an expensive and simple “match day seats”??

Heineken test it…
What do you think about this guerrilla idea??

Great way to get the public involved in the Heineken spirit!!

Diana Costa


ANAR foundation

ANAR is a non-profit foundation that acts in Spain and South America with the aim of protect cildrens from risky situations…

So they launch a new message in the international day of child abuse…

Check out this new mupi’s that have different messages according to the “size” of people that see them.

Diana Costa

7up Melting Machine

In a hot day, how much would you like to get a free 7up??

With this action 7up also get media buzz and virality because of the online bet.
Great way to get the public involved and become top-of-mind.

Diana Costa


Fantastic snacks is an Australian owned company that uses traditional Japanese food ideas, they have just one aim… to have a fantastic taste!!

But how far would you go for a delite?? Check out the video and find out…

This’s a fantastic guerrilla idea, that makes the costumers love the brand, not just because of their products, but also because of the involvement that they get.

Diana Costa

Gps To Get Lost

The famous brand Jeep, part of the american Chrysler Corporation wanted to remember their costumers that Jeep was constructed to be used off road, and not in the routine of city life like it’s used nowadays…

So Jeep decided to create a new gps program that literally make you get lost!!

Amazing idea to remember Jeep drivers the soul of the brand.
Diana Costa

BBC World – ”See both sides of the history”


BBC used a new great campaign based ”only” in billboards applied in corners of buildings/street’s



The main idea of this project is to show that every time there’s 2 sides for the same history

Take a look at the images and see the controversy within this pictures



With this idea you can see that you don’t need big budget to have a big impact in the public, you just need to be creative.

Diana Costa

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